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  • Raveena Anjalee

    Raveena Anjalee

    Dental surgeon with the talent of content writing and a Level 1 content writer at fiverr 🥇 Passions:- Treating patients, writing, Travelling and Photography

  • James Crosby

    James Crosby

    Software Developer. FinTech Entrepreneur. Triathlete. Passions: Diversity, Sustainability, Social Justice https://fencore.co

  • Emma Colsey-Nicholls

    Emma Colsey-Nicholls

    I write about mindset, health, habit creation and how to be a happier you. Join my newsletter at emmacolseynicholls.com/medium

  • Jen North

    Jen North

    Jen has a Bachelor of Social Work, a Bachelor of Arts, and ADHD. She writes about horror, film, history, mental health, and video games. Sometimes she is funny.

  • Terry Wou

    Terry Wou

    Finance industry 25-year veteran turned med tech founder. Mental health platform for human capital heavy businesses via an app. Cross border, multi lingual.

  • Ryan Holiday

    Ryan Holiday

    Bestselling author of ‘Conspiracy,’ ‘Ego is the Enemy’ & ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’ http://amzn.to/24qKRWR

  • Dr Mehmet Yildiz

    Dr Mehmet Yildiz

    Technologist, Cognitive Scientist, empowering writers & readers. Founder of ILLUMINATION, curating key messages. Connection: https://digitalmehmet.com

  • Brooke Krzyston

    Brooke Krzyston

    Writer, Mother, Professional, and Friend. My background and education is in business and accounting, but I write about recovery, parenting, and life most.

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