Introverts are deeper than what they seem.

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For years, introverts have been receiving bad rap in the workplace. They are seen as too reserved, shy, risk-averse and aloof to perform exceptionally in an office environment that requires collaboration and communication skills. It is infuriating to see that many companies refuse to look past the stereotypes of introverts. However, truth be told, introverts can be fantastic employees to have.

Silicon Valley that we recognise today would not have existed if it was not for a bunch of lone inventors who decided to demonstrate their worth to the world. Additionally, an increasing number of shows featuring reserved TV characters…

It is not what you think it is.

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How and why has the general society concluded that millennials are a bunch of spoilt brats who believe that they should be entitled in the workplace, deserve a more well-rounded job with higher pay, or be granted more comprehensive benefits? Although not all millennials think like that, most of them further reinforce the stereotypes tied to millennialism.

Many twentysomethings are job-hoppers, staying at one job for a couple of months (and perhaps up to a year) to acquire experience in a specific field to polish their resume before hopping to the next chapter of their career. …

Better to say an honest no than an uncomfortable yes.

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Are you a people pleaser?

Do you put the interest of others before your own?

Do you find saying “yes” to people only to regret it moments later?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a “yes”, it is best for you to learn how to say “no” confidently.

Here is the thing about saying “no”: it goes beyond that. It is about respect — both respect for yourself and those around you.

It is straight-up unjust to anyone to put yourself in a position that you are not comfortable being in. Still do not get it…

If you are not earning money while asleep, you will work forever.

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Investing is one of the most fundamental skills that every twentysomething should master. Why? Because it takes time for money to grow and as twenty-year-olds, we have the advantage of time on our side.

Being in this time of our lives means we have decades to make our money make more money. So, keep your expenses as low as possible and save as much money as possible before investing them. Once you have invested the money, forget about it. Do not touch it for decades so that it can slowly but exponentially grow into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Heck…

Having multiple talents can be exhausting.

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In this time and age, linear career paths are getting too mainstream. I wrote in an earlier article that job-hoppers are not committing career suicide. What you may not know is that these job-hoppers represent an increasing number of multipotentialites.

Multipotentiality can be defined as the ability and preference to excel in two or more different fields, all of which could lead to plenty of career opportunities. Also known as polymaths or multipassionates, they are the ones that do not believe that they have a single purpose in life. Instead, they believe that to have a good life, one has…

Regain control of your finances.

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For some, money is a taboo topic, but I do not blame them for viewing money as so. In general, money can be a tricky topic to wrap your head around. Most of us obtain financial guidance from our parents. As we age, those financial guidance influence how we treat money. Once we reach adulthood, a certain level of mental effort is required to recalibrate how we view and respect our dollars and cents.

Although your parents have said what they need to say about how you should earn, use and save money, there are other pearls of financial wisdom…

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Like millions, if not billions, of people globally, Covid-19 has directly impacted my life in more ways than one. I still remember when my university emailed everyone that the campus was closed the day after commencing the first day of the semester. For the rest of that semester, I self-isolated at home and only went out to grab groceries. I did not expect that I would spend my final semester in Australia that way.

Since my return to my home country mid of last year, things are not any better. While other countries are on the road to recovery, the…

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You do not have to wait until it is New Year’s Day to clean up your house or take up a more balanced lifestyle. Any time is a good time to work on your personal growth. Below are four steps to obtain balance in your universe and become a well-rounded and balanced version of yourself.

Step #1: Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest around you

Be aware of what is unfolding in the world around you so that when someone is talking about a particular life topic, at least you understand what they are trying to convey. You do not have to correct them if they got their facts wrong…

You cannot always be living frugally.

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I am not sure if you are aware of this, but we have a student loan crisis on our hands. With more and more students graduating with heavy student debts on their shoulders, it is unquestionable that those entering the employment world this year (and within the past couple of years) will have no choice but to sort their finances in a way that does not exacerbate their financial problems.

In order to save ourselves financially in the long run, we twenty-year-olds need to make it a habit to spend our salaries responsibly by paying our debts in full and…

Self-sabotaging will only make your relationship worse.

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Now that you have found an intimate partner to hang on with almost daily, you are thrilled and could not be any happier. A relationship can be an excellent addition as you are building your jigsaw puzzle that is life. You are no longer #foreveralone, and you and your partner are working together to develop a loving and lifelong connection.

“If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.” — Kristin Chenoweth

As beautiful and exhilarating the connection may turn out to be, preserving…

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