Your future depends on it.

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If you are like me, chances are, you are working your butt off at home not only to keep yourself occupied during the Covid-19 lockdown but also to earn the rights to do whatever you want whenever you want at some point in the future.

Yes, I know you want to retire early (who else does not?), but if you are planning to do so at some point when you feel like you have had enough, pay attention to your personal and professional networks.

The individuals who stay in touch with you currently, whether through face-to-face interaction or LinkedIn, will…

It is fascinating to observe the training schedules of elite runners, but following them is not a one-way ticket to your next PB.

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When you are attempting to up the pace, it appears normal that you would search all over the Internet for helpful tips and motivation. More often than not, runners look to some of the world’s most accomplished runners and, particularly, their training regimes. The reasoning is sound after all; they are the world’s best, and so, it seems only logical to follow precisely what they are doing when you are trying to beat your current personal best (PB).

However, while scrutinising the training regimes practised by world-class runners can be exciting, trying to follow their programs is a terrible idea…

A social psychologist explains how your perception can help you achieve your next personal best.

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Why is it that some runners give up on their goals too quickly or too easily? Why do some runners find it easy to challenge the boundaries of their physical performance consistently? According to social psychologist Emily Balcetis, it all hangs on one’s perception, which is influenced by two elements: fitness and motivation.

The Correlation Between Fitness And Perception

To grab a better picture of why some people perceive exercise to be more excruciating than others, Balcetis and her colleagues ran an experiment in which they pooled together objective measurements of people’s physical fitness. …

The biggest risk you can ever take is taking no risks at all.

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For my parents, fulfilling the job requirements for a particular role was like jumping over a puddle of mud. When a work desk was allocated to them at the workplace, they placed photo frames to remind them of their loved ones, ensured the chair was at the perfect height and went for a scouting mission to find out the best lunch break establishments within walking distance. “For the typical employee decades ago, chances are, you are going to be in this role daily for the rest of your life,” they would tell me.

Imagining what they went through decades ago…

A class on how to live life authentically by my swim coach.

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Swimming is not just a recreational activity. I found that it comes with life’s lessons. It is not just about the blings, personal bests and life experiences. It is what you make out of the sport as a whole. Swimming is an avenue for providing the most fundamental and significant things that are quintessential to you for the remaining years of your life.

You will be amazed to discover that, in your relationships, career and the likes, swimming will educate you on the importance of diligence, humility and the essentiality of being a team player. For me, swimming is my…

Study reveals that your mental state can have an effect on your running performance.

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Usually, when we constantly feel tired or weak while running, we tend to look out for physical signs such as overworked muscle and cramping calves. These physiological manifestations, however, do not solve the entire mystery. Mental exhaustion and your perceived level of performance can greatly impact how quickly you decide to decrease the pace or give up entirely.

The Connection Between Mental Exhaustion And Running

There was a study performed in 2009 to determine the dynamics between mental fatigue and physical performance. The three researchers in that study gathered 16 participants and divided them into two groups. They had the first group of participants complete a computerised…

Make your own rules.

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Toss aside everything you understand about relationships and watch your relationship thrive.

I came across the term “relationship anarchy” (RA) many years ago when I was dating my first girlfriend, and I did not bother about it. Years later, I discovered its relevance. However, what does relationship anarchy mean? How do you know if you should introduce and apply it to your life?

There is no single uniform definition of the term, mainly because no two relationships are the same. That is to say that every relationship is unique. The wants of one couple are different from the wants of…

You got to do the right things and have patience.

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Over the years, many people have told me that there are many hardworking and intelligent people out there who still fail to accomplish what they want in life. Given that observation, “Be realistic and have a backup plan.” is the most common advice I have heard from them. To a certain degree, I concur. You should certainly have a backup plan if that backup plan is also something you truly desire. However, if retreating to your alternative and accomplishing it will still leave you feeling empty, then you can dump that alternative.

The question is, are there really that many…

Not only you will perform at your best, but your confidence is also at your best.

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I have a very unhealthy obsession. I have tonnes of compression shorts and leggings in my wardrobe. I thought this was something only females would understand. Oh, how wrong I so was. When I first started working out, I got my “compression” shorts from Nike. When I was in Melbourne from early 2019 to mid last year to complete my postgraduate degree, I purchased many compression leggings from 2XU along the way. Currently, my compression garments carry the logos of 2XU, Nike, Uniqlo (believe it or not) and Asics.

There is something about performance fabrics that never fails to grab…

Do not settle with what you have.

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So, you have been dating your significant other for a decent number of years now. Candlelit dinner, checked. Travel overseas together, been there, done that. Kissing in public to make all the singles around you uncomfortable, hell yeah! Had sex, well — I do not want to know.

After all of that, you may wonder whether or not you are settling in a relationship. If you begin to ask yourself that question, chances are, you most probably are. …

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